Monday, May 23, 2011

Stressful Days....

We are in our last week of school... I can not believe it! I have made it through my first year teaching. This has been a wonderful year. I have always heard my teacher friends say the last few weeks are the worst and the most stressful not because the kids are crazy but because of those darn Pink Slips.... I think I am going to be alright but who knows. I wished it was all based on your performance! These last few weeks are also stressful because of having to start thinking about next year. The kids are so ready for summer. This week could not go by any faster. I truly believe in the beg borrow and steal method. So this  past week my class and I did an author study on Mo Willems. Thanks to the blog (First Grade at last...) I got some really good ideas. Now this last week we are doing a Fairy Tale unit. Today we started it off with Cinderella. I also got a great packet from the blog (anotherdayinfirstgrade) I will post some pictures this week. I think I am really going to like blogging and letting people get a peek into my Classroom.

Our Writing about Knuffle Bunny

Our Piegons on our Classroom windows....

Don't let the Pigeon drive the_________

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