Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day

Orientation and Meet and Greet went great!  I have such a wonderful group of boys and girls. I got to meet everyone in my class except for two students. I found that I was not as nervous this year. Hopefully the more experience I get teaching the easier orientation will become. Working with such a great group of women helps also. Knowing that some of them are still nervous and they have taught a lot longer than I have makes me feel better. Having them to help me and give me advice is wonderful. I am a very lucky lady to get to teach children here at APS! I can't wait to blog about how my first week of school went. I hope a lot of my other teacher friends blog about it too. Hearing some of those stories makes me smile.  Hope everyone has a wonderful first day!

The wonderful group of Ladies I work with.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to school we go

Today has been a wonderful return back to school. I always love this time of year. I love getting to see my coworkers again and prepare for a another group of sweet boys and girls. My classroom is complete. I am not in love with the way it looks but it will do for now. This week I am going to be preparing for orientation and meet and greet. I also have some professional development to do. I am always reminded during this time how blessed I am to have a job and blessed to get to be in these children's lives.

Important reminders:

Please remember to purchase your Aggie Packs. The cost is $80.00 and it includes everything your child will need throughout the school except for field trip.

Orientation for second grade Thursday August 16th 7:00-8:15. *For parents only!

Meet and Greet for second grade  Friday August 17th 10:30-11:30.

Here are some pictures of the last projects I have done in my classroom. I hope everyone has a great school year! I can't wait for this year to begin :)

"Owl" work

Added Polka dot fabric to my bookshelves

Small area/ my area

Behavior Management

Thanks Amy Hope for the template

Added this to my writing station