Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teaching Reading

I have recently blogged about how much I love Whole Brain Teaching. My students love it and it is a fun way to teach. I posted a few weeks ago a link you could click on and get a copy of the WBT strategies I use in my classroom. Well I decided to record a whole group reading in our classroom. You will see some of the WBT strategies. Please don't mind the music in the background. I Always have Pandora going in our room but I didnt realize my phone would pick it up so well. Just click on the link or copy and paste it in the address bar to watch!

Monday, April 9, 2012

WBT and Easter

I have recently discovered WBT (whole Brain Teaching) I am in love with it!! My students love it and it really keeps them engaged during whole group. I typed up a little something that has the WB strategies that I use to share with friends.

Here is the link

Chris Biffle is the creator of it and I watched Freundlichteaching Youtube channel to see examples of WBT being taught. Rachel Freundlich is an AWESOME teacher and a great help.

We also just recently celebrated Easter in the Classroom. I brought a special snack for the students to have on Friday. Before we ate snack though we got creative with some eggs. Me and three other of my teacher friends decided  to have egg races between our classes. Then us teachers had an egg toss. The students loved getting to be outside and doing these fun activities. Here are some pictures of the Easter events at our school:

The races were intense!!!

The hand off.....

enjoying the beautiful spring weather

 Brave teachers tossing an egg that was not boiled :)

Egg Toss

With our egg racing skills of course our class won!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jonkonnu Festival

I can't believe that Spring Break has already come and gone. A week sure does go by fast if I am not working. I did have a wonderful Spring break and I hope you guys did too. Right before we left for the break, our fabulous art teacher, Mrs. Hall, put together a Jonkonnu Festival. During the month of March the kids studied about Jonkonnu in Art class. Jonkonnu is spring time in Jamaica. They got to do many art projects to represent Jonkonnu.  We had a parade at school on Friday. My kids loved following behind me wearing their Jamaican mask and mooing. Why were they mooing you might ask... Well Mrs. Wilson got to dress up like a cow and carry a sign that said Art mooves me. I will post a picture so you can get a visual and a good laugh. I have some great pictures to share with you guys of the Jonkonnu parade. Now we only have 35 days left of school. Hard to believe! We have got to get down to business and work hard these last two months of school. We have DIBELS coming up and still a lot of preparing to do for 3rd grade.

Our YAM Board

Some of my students with their mask

Mrs. Wilson as a cow

I thought this was a pretty cool picture I captured during the parade.