Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fractions on the Brain

In our classroom we have been working on fractions. I knew this was going to be a bit challenging for my sweet boys and girls. The week before we started our fraction journey, I started looking for fraction games and activities. I found some awesome games on Teacher Clubhouse. I only paid $0.99 for each game. Then one of my co-teachers bought Amy Lemon's fraction sundae activitiy. I used my math games during station time and then we completed our sundaes on Friday. We haven't completely mastered fractions but we are well on our way. Here are a few pictures of the games and some student's work. Also, I added a few pictures of What has been happening at APS recently.
Fraction games I bought from Teacher Clubhouse

Fraction Sundaes

Dancing through the Decades. We were Hippies

Mrs. Smith was from the 90's. She actually wore this outfit 20 years ago!

At the Jack Hartmann Concert

Doing the Tooty Ta

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