Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day

Orientation and Meet and Greet went great!  I have such a wonderful group of boys and girls. I got to meet everyone in my class except for two students. I found that I was not as nervous this year. Hopefully the more experience I get teaching the easier orientation will become. Working with such a great group of women helps also. Knowing that some of them are still nervous and they have taught a lot longer than I have makes me feel better. Having them to help me and give me advice is wonderful. I am a very lucky lady to get to teach children here at APS! I can't wait to blog about how my first week of school went. I hope a lot of my other teacher friends blog about it too. Hearing some of those stories makes me smile.  Hope everyone has a wonderful first day!

The wonderful group of Ladies I work with.

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