Thursday, January 17, 2013

Writer's Workshop and Math Stations

After Christmas we have been working a lot on our writing. My kids are loving Writer's Workshop.Since is it cold and flu season our first writing was about a time when we were sick. We have spent three day on writing our stories and editing them. My students are very excited to publish their stories. I am going to grab a Mac Cart that we can use. Each student will get a computer and get to go through the last step of the writing process. My kids love getting to use the mac books!! Also, I have transformed my math stations. We got to have a review week this past week. I added a trash to treasure center. They loved this center. We have learned how to regroup. On paper I wrote problems and then students had to decide if they needed to regroup or not regroup. Once they sorted all trash from the treasure, they had to solve the problems. I had one stations using playing cards and they students had to work on adding three or more addends.  Here are a few pictures from our Writer's workshop time and math stations.

Any document that I created for my stations I will email them to you. Just let me know that you want them by emailing me

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