Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome Back!

Today was the first day of school for my sweet second grade babies! We had a wonderful day. We started the day by playing with play dough and getting to engage with our friends. We had so much to share that happened over the summer. We then dove right in to sorting school supplies and getting our lockers and desk ready. We have breakfast  I mean lunch at 10:25 this year so that makes the morning seem to go by fast. We read First Day Jitters and did a fun comprehension sheet to go with it. We took first day pictures with our creative back drop. My friend/teaching partner is the bomb and created a picture back drop. (See the picture below) I had a great first day! I am exhausted but I can't complain. I have a few challenges the year, but I think I am in for a really good year. I hope all my other teacher friends had a great day! I can't wait to hear stories :)

Our picture back drop!!

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