Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lets Tweet about it

I have been working hard in my classroom trying to get it ready for the first day of school. Every teacher knows the saying "Beg, borrow, and steal" and that is what I recently did. My sister teaches at the Kindergarten school in the same system I am in. I was at her school helping her in her classroom and I stumbled across this very cute classroom. I am big into technology  and I saw the saying "Something to TWEET about" I decided I had to have this for my classroom. I have been working about three hours tonight getting the scrapbook paper together, cutting out the birds, and finding a different piece of paper to make the wings out of!  I took some pictures of the classroom and I will share them. When I have my door finished I will post some pictures :)    (Sorry it is blurry)

My  mess while I was making the birds for my door

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  1. I saw this today fell in love with it! I'm going to try and recreate it too! I'm loving the "tweet birds"! I'm also lovin' your blog! Cute background! :) :)