Saturday, September 3, 2011

Going into Space

This week  we have being studying space. We have learned all about astronauts and what their jobs are in space. We got to watch some cool videos from the NASA website too. On Friday, we did a neat experiement. The word Experiement was one of our amazing words this week so this worked out perfect. I learned this experiement from one of my great college professfors. You take two film containers and alka seltzer. Put a little water in one container and a lot in the other. Have the kids predict which container they think will launch higher. You can make a chart or graph (this week in math we were working with graphs) Go outside drop the alka seltzer in the container and turn it over. It will lauch the container into the air. I told the kids we were going to launch our own ROCKET.. It went great and the kids loved it. My year in 2nd grade is going great so far :) I am so blessed to get to teach at such a wonderful school and with such a great bunch of women. Here are a few pictures from the rocket launch.

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