Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

In my classroom we are getting ready for Christmas! We love celebrating Christmas and all the fun activities that come with it. We have put up our class Christmas tree and changed our bulletin board in the hallway. We also changed our classroom door. We have the rest of this week and then all of next week before Christmas break! I can't believe it has gotten here so fast. Our class elf has made an appearance in the classroom. My kids love our elf. They were so creative when they came up with his name. They named him ELF. Here are a few pictures of our classroom decorated for Christmas and our elf named Elf.  :)

To make the Grinch grin I would......

He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch

I drew the Grinch and he turned out better than I thought!

Meet our elf, Mr. Elf, he already made a few messes

If I lived in a snow globe I would.... 

We made our own snow globe
Class Christmas Tree and Elf the elf

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