Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preparing for Christmas and Christmas Break

Not to say that I am counting or anything, but one more day and then it is CHRISTmas break.... We have been very busy.  We have made ornaments, took a trip on the polar express, and learned all about reindeer. I wanted to share some pictures and a few ideas. Over the break I am going to send my kids home with a reading packet. It has a passage for my kids to read everyday that we will be out. This will hopefully keep them from losing everything we have worked on since August. If they bring it back signed after the break they get a cool treat (what that is right now I have no idea). I have three students who are going to take home a Chapter book to read over the break and have to be ready to test when the break if over. DIBELS will be right around the corner when we get back, this is meant to help prepare them. Also, I wanted to give y'all an elf update. Our two classroom elves have been busy. Here are some pictures of CHRISTmas fun.

We made reindeer out of dog bones, pipe cleaners, and glitter

Tom the elf wanted to wish us a Merry Christmas

Ellen the elf was up high hiding 

My reading packet to send home with my kids

I got the reading passage from A-Z reading

I had to share this picture... My sweet husband helping me iron on letters to my student's


  1. Love your blog!!It's great! I nominated you for a new blog award. Stop by and get the details.
    -Just Another Day in K

  2. Just found your darling blog. I am cracking up looking at your husband picture. That is sooo my husband and kids, too.