Monday, January 9, 2012

Tacky the Penguin

This week at APS we do not have a reading story. In our classroom this week we are reading about Tacky the Penguin. This morning we started off with a quick Powerpoint I created to help us review and then we did a prediction sheet with a partner to predict what we thought the story would be about. The kids loved getting to read and listen to a different type of story. I found a cute little video of someone reading the story on youtube. I just typed in Tacky the Penguin and it is the first video. My kids have been saying, "Whats happening" all day! This afternoon we created our own Tacky the Penguin and they turned out very cute. Here are a few pictures from our wild and crazy Monday:

How cute did our "Tacky the Penguin" turn out?

We compared Tacky and the other penguins

Our Tacky Prediction sheets. I found this whole unit on TPT for free and I am not sure who put it on there though.....

Here is the Powerpoint I used this Morning for Tacky the Penguin:

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