Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things...

Today is a Teacher work day at school so I have a lot of time today to get things ready for tomorrow. I came up to school last week and worked in my classroom so today I can focus on math centers and my small groups. It is a little dorky to say that I was excited to come back to school today to see all my teacher friends... I was creating a few math centers and I wanted to share a simple one with you guys. I saw the idea on pinterest, it is not mine and I am sure most of you have used this before. I did create a sheet to go with it. All you do is take a deck of playing cards and take the Jacks, Queens, Aces, and Kings out and all you should have left are number cards. This week we are reviewing 2 digit addition, so to get my students back into the swing of things we are going to review using playing cards. I put my centers in a gallon zip lock bag.  Here are the directions and the answer sheet for the card math centers.  Happy Monday!!

Click here to get the direction and answer sheet!!!!

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