Saturday, September 1, 2012

Successful two weeks!

We have had a wonderful first two weeks of school. My kiddos are so sweet and smart! I have an awesome bunch this year. Of course we have had a few challenges but nothing we can't handle. I have one student in my room who could not be a better fit for me and my classroom. Some of the teachers I teach with tend to joke with me about how OCD I am and how clean my room always is. They think it is very funny that I choose to sweep during my planning time, and clorox my desk EVERYDAY. Well this year I was blessed with a little girl in my room that is just like me. I think she could be my child. She is my little helper. Her mom was so sweet and got us a few cleanning supplies to use in our classroom.  I have a great group of parent this year as well. I received many things from my wishing tree in my classroom. Thank you parents!

Here are a few pictures from the first two weeks of school. I hope everyone ejnoys this three day weekend and I hope the start of your school year has been as good as mine!

My awesome class
My little helper!
Are you a Peacemakers or Peacebreaker?
My students getting to know one another

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