Friday, March 22, 2013

Birds of a feather YAM together!

The whole month of March is Youth Art Month (YAM) This month we have been studying and learning about birds. When my students went to Mrs. Hall's art class they have been doing fun bird artwork and learning facts about the birds they are drawing. At snack time we have been watching the flamingos at the Smithsonian zoo. They have zoo web cams that are awesome! We got to make colorful bird mask to wear to lunch on Friday. During our lunch time, there was a flash mob and it was great! All the other classes wore their birdy things too. We also got to see a Natures night life show this week. The students got to see different types of animals and learn cool facts about them. They also go to pet a gross  I mean cool snake!! Here are some pictures from this week. 

petting the snake 
Charlotte brought her pet bird for the class to meet and observe!

Wearing our mask in the lunchroom.

Our Bird mask

With Yammy the bird

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