Monday, April 8, 2013

Writer's Workshop is what's up!

This past week we got back into writing after having a week off during Spring Break. We started our how to writing unit. The students watched and helped me write how to make a peanut butter sandwich and how to brush your teeth. On Friday, the students were given the topic How to blow a bubble. We met at the carpet and I gave all the students a piece of bubble gum. (Crazy I know I had to threaten them to make sure it didn't end up in someones hair)  After we had all chewed the gum and tried to blow bubbles we began writing. We wrote the steps together and then they wrote it independently. Here is a picture of how it turned out. Also, we have Fine Arts Night coming up on April 16th at 6:00. Here are some pictures of the students art work. This week we are working on Thank you Notes in Writer's Workshop. I can't wait to Blog about it :) Happy Monday!

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