Friday, July 19, 2013

More updates

I have been working in my room all this week trying to get it ready for kiddos. We still have about a month before school starts.  I am trying to be very careful about what I am putting up in my classroom. I don't want something to just fill space. I want everything that I put up to have meaning and purpose. I am making writing a much bigger focus this year. (I love my writing board I did) I am a less is more kind of girl. I don't want clutter in my room. I go for the organize neat look. Here are my my newest additions to my classroom. I created a new word wall and an Author of the month board. Also, I found some cute items at Wal-mart I couldn't leave without. :)

My new word wall beside my classroom library.

This is my author of the month board. It is in my class library. 

Cute finds at Wal-mart. I couldn't  resist the chevron plates for board and the hot pink basket!

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