Saturday, September 29, 2012

Johnny Appleseed and Aggie Day

This past week at school was a very fun week. We celebrated Johnny Appleseed all week. The kids loved getting to do all kinds of apple activities. On Wednesday of this week, my class and all the other classes in our pod set up an apple tasting station. We listened to Mrs. Busha tell us a little bit about Mr. Appleseed and then the students  got to get three different types of apples. The students got to taste a green, a yellow, and a red apple. We when all were finished we graphed our data and compared it with other classes. We have an awesome time learning about John Chapman.

On Friday we had Aggie Spirit day. We played Boaz on Friday night which is one of our biggest games during football season. Although we didn't win the most spirited class, we showed a lot of spirit. I painted all the students faces and we learned some aggie cheers.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Getting our Apples to taste.
Her mom made her a tutu for Aggie Day
My Football boys
Go Aggies!

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